Meet the team

Our Dementia Dog team are a collaboration formed from the key founding charities, Dogs for Good and Alzheimer Scotland.  

Fiona Corner

Project Manager

Kerry Gough

Dementia Assistance Dog Instructor

Carla Mounsey

Dementia Community Dog Handler - Scotland

Nadia Sutherland

Dementia Specialist

Julia Winters

Dementia Community Dog Handler - England

Joyce Gray

Deputy Director of Development
Alzheimer Scotland

Peter Gorbing

Chief Executive
Dogs for Good

Contact Dementia Dog:
Phone: Fiona Corner Project Manager 07876 848 022

Meet the families

Ken & Glenys with Kaspa

Frank with Oscar

Kathleen with Alex

Henry & Anne with Uno

Malcolm & Imke with Webb

Kurt & Jan with Willow

Loretta & Jessie with Zorro

Jon & Jeanette with Lenny

Ann & John with Hope

Peter & Veryan with Ruby

Meet the dogs












Introducing our family of Dementia Community Dogs...




Meet our key funders

We are grateful to all the many individuals and organisations who so generously support our work.

RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

Funding is enabling us to launch and pilot a new Dementia Family Dog service and further develop the virtual dog therapy sessions we have been piloting during lockdown

Scottish Government

Funding will ensure our embedded approach to provide holistic and person-centred support for the dementia community, including continued specialised support packages for our families with assistance dogs. 


Dementia Community Dog, Billy, is funded by Tynetec and named in special memory of their late colleague and friend Billy Graham.

If you're interested in supporting our work:
Phone: Fiona Corner Project Manager 07876 848 022

Meet our founding partners

Dogs for Good

As a founding partner, Dogs for Good charity provide and train all of our assistance and community dogs that go on to become life changing Dementia Dogs.

Alzheimer Scotland

As Scotland's leading dementia charity, Alzheimer Scotland provides best practice and helps promote Dementia Dog's work throughout the widespread national dementia community.

In the beginning...

Four Glasgow School of Art product design graduates and their tutor created the original concept. All this team were an integral part of the initial pilot development with major contributions in research, graphics, service design and project film footage.

The students

John Sunart, Phoebe Batham, Flora Arbuthnott and Luke McKinney  (from left to right) are the four Glasgow School of Art students who came up with the original Dementia Dog concept.

Jeni Lennox

Jeni Lennox led the project for the first 5 years. Jeni is now working on several design led projects with Us Collective .