Dementia assistance dogs

We place dementia assistance dogs with couples living at home, where one person has a diagnosis of dementia and the other is their full time carer.

Thanks to the Life Changes Trust we will be training and providing 8 dementia assistance dogs to people in Scotland between 2016 - 2019.

How do I apply?

The application process consists of several stages which involve a detailed application form, and face to face visits from the project team to discuss your needs and identify how an assistance dog may be able to help.

You need to meet the following criteria to register your interest in our dementia assistance dog service:

  • Be living in Scotland
  • Have a diagnosis of early stage dementia, or be caring for someone in the early stages of dementia, where there exists a daily level of independence and routine
  • The person with dementia must be living full time with their carer
  • Still be living at home, with a fenced garden

We are welcoming expressions of interest in applying for a dementia assistance dog from people living in Scotland.  If you meet the above criteria, please complete our enquiry form.