Just saying thank you...

So many people have taken time to help out and contribute to the Dementia Dog Project, we would like to take this page to thank all of you!

Luke McKinney

It's time to say a HUGE thank you to the Lovely Luke McKinney.


One of the student originators of the Dementia dog concept, Luke has been an invaluable part of the team from the beginning, creating all our visual material, from website to brochures, presentations, funding bids and short films.


He has worked late nights, with ridiculous briefs, has made us all shine with his amazing visual creativity.  His gentle way with our families and his ability to make all the dogs his best pal made him a bit of a star in the team.


Moving on to bigger things as a Senior Service Designer with Nile we are sure he will continue to bring his special brand of magic to the projects he delivers.


We hope that he will still be around to share his magic from time to time but meanwhile wish him every success with his design career.


Shirley Stewart

Shirley is the amazing lady responsible for the day to day training of our assistance dogs.


She works for Guide dogs and was seconded to Dementia Dogs to help Helen and Selina deliver their unique training programme at the Guide Dog centre in Forfar.  Its impossible to share how much care and attention Shirley put into her work with Kaspa, Oscar, Vonn and Alex.  She was an amazing asset to the team, her commitment to the dogs and families as they got used to living together was phenomenal and was key to the project’s success.


 As our work with Guide Dogs is now complete  Shirley has returned to her previous role, she is sorely missed for her commitment, her insight and her ability to talk about the project with a true understanding of how her dogs are making an impact on the families she worked so hard to support.


In memory of Billy and Lisa

Our Dementia Dog Just Giving page total has reached £8625 as of August 2016.  A HUGE Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.


A significant amount of the funds were raised by Billy's colleagues and friends at Tynetec and Legrand who ran in the Edinburgh Marathon 2016


The Dementia Dog page was set up in memory of Billy and Lisa Graham. Their family friends wanted to remember these special people in a way that they hope would make them smile.


Billy and Lisa had experience of the challenges families living with Dementia face.  They loved dogs and were aware of how much joy they can bring even in the darkest times.


If you would like to find out more about Billy and Lisa, or if you would like to make a donation, please visit:  https://www.justgiving.com/Dementia-Dog

Dementia Dog Donors

The Dementia Dog team would like to thank the numerous supporters who continue to support the project. We receive gifts from community groups and businesses, as well as, individual supporters.


We have tried to cram as many of their names into our dog word cloud as possible, but some of our donors prefer to stay anonymous.

Alex 4 Paw Campaign

A big big thank you to everyone who participated in the #Alex4Paws campaign in January. Your fabulous dog selfies and kind donations helped raise a staggering £50,000 including Gift Aid.


A massive thank you to one anonymous supporter who donated an amazing £10,000.

Mike's Beard

A huge thanks to Mike MacConnachie, who had his beard removed (after 30 years!) to raise funds for Dementia Dog. Mike’s beard removal is part of NHS Education Scotland’s fundraising activities on behalf of Dementia Dog and was kindly carried out, free of charge, by the Stag Barber Co. in Lady Lawson Street. Looking sharp Mike!

In Memory of Karen

The Dementia Dog team would like to thank the family, friends and colleagues of Mr Ramsay Crowe who so generously donated £2500 to the project in memory of Karen – we will in time when introducing puppies to the project name one in Karen’s memory, Ramsay thinks this would have pleased her, and it will be our honour to do so.

Jan Johnston

Jan raised over £3000 by becoming part of Team Garmin’s crew in the Round The World Clipper Race. Jan split her funds between Dementia Dog and Alzheimer Scotland and we owe her a huge thanks!

William & Karen

A big thank you to 6 year old William Ritchie and his mum Karen who raised over £600 for Dementia Dog by cycling 9 miles with Pedal for Scotland. Two of the most enthusiastic Dementia Dog supporters the team has ever met!

John & Nevis

Huge thanks to our original Dementia Dog poster boys John Veitch and his dog Nevis who threw themselves selflessly into the cause.


John has helped in all sorts of ways – from completing weekly routine diaries to testing our theories on dog walking and social interaction. He has been filmed and photographed on beaches, in cafes, around Ayrshire and Glasgow and narrowly escaped having to travel to Manchester to appear on Breakfast TV.


What to say about Nevis – he is obviously a film and media star now, a veteran of the black and white shoot, posing with ease and confidence and putting up with the attention like a pro.


We couldn't have done this without you both a huge thanks from the team!

Urban Croft

Urban Croft for their considerate and thoughtful filming as part of our user research. Please check out their website: urbancroft.co.uk

Sharon & Murphy

Sharon Higgins, Service Manager at Croftspar, for all her Dementia support service advice. Sharon is committed to showing how dogs can benefit people with Dementia – she and her dog Murphy were invaluable in helping us design the dementia aspects of the Dementia Dog service. They also provided the first evidence of the joy dogs deliver as we watched Murphy wag his way around the residents of Croftspar spreading smiles in his wake.

Phoebe Batham

Phoebe – the project hands! We could not have got this far without you Phoebe, your long hours, frantic presentation preparation and gentle way with our research was invaluable to delivering the project for the Design Council: Living Well With Dementia Challenge.


A fantastic young Scottish company making waves in the world of high end messenger bags. Trakke custom made our attention grabbing medication bags to tight deadlines and going above and beyond to get the samples to us on time, thanks guys! For more details on Trakke and their products check out their website: trakke.co.uk

The Design Council

The Dementia Dog project would not have been possible without the initial and continuing support of the Design Council. Their experience and resources have taken us from a group of enthusiasts with an idea, to a full working pilot service. We couldn’t have got this far without them.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government’s support made it possible for us to launch our Intervention Dog pilot, looking at the advantages dogs could bring to people with dementia in their own homes. Thank you.

Logan & Lee

A huge thanks to Logan Anderson for his ongoing support of our training program through the Forfar Guide dog centre and to Lee Stanway for being our main guide dog contact and supporter. We couldn't have made it so far without you!

The Students

John Filtcroft, Phoebe Batham, Flora Arbuthnott and Luke McKinney (working from the left in the photo above) are the four Glasgow School of Art students who came up with the original Dementia Dog concept.


All are still involved in the project when possible: John has presented the Dementia Dog concept to the Design Council in funding bids. Phoebe spent a year working on the project, developing the service blueprint in order to launch the service pilot. Flora is responsible for the beautiful illustrations you will see on our website and print materials and Luke has been the Dementia Dog project designer for the past 3 years.

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