Ken, Glenys & Kaspa

How has Kaspa helped since he arrived?

“Kaspa has given us our life back. He greets Ken in the morning, so starts Ken’s day being happy. I have noticed if Ken is agitated or unsettled Kaspa gives him a nudge so Ken talks to the dog or goes out in to the back garden and forgets what had bothered him.


Kaspa has removed my fear that Ken had gone, life is so much better for both of us now. Ken is happy and it has taken so much stress away from me as well. Who would believe a dog came into our lives two weeks ago and turned our lives around. Everyday we wake up knowing it’s going to be a good day thanks to Kaspa.”


What tasks that Kaspa does have you found most useful?

“Nudging Ken when he is agitated or angry, the alarm to get Ken up and read the message I’ve left him. I am also confident in the anchoring, Kaspa went to Ken’s club and he stayed for two hours and I am happy to leave them together in the supermarket while I do the shopping.”


Any other comments?

“It is a shame that you didn’t see Ken’s life before, even a week with him to see how our life has been changed with Kaspa.”

Alec, Moira & Alex

How has Alex helped since he arrived?

"He’s made an absolutely tremendous difference."

"He calms my husband down and he’s had a calming effect on me as well."

"It’s been a wonderful change. Things are a lot calmer, and it’s all down to him."


What tasks that Alex does have you found most useful?

“He works to a bell, or my commands.  In the morning, he’ll come and find Alex’s pills and give them to him. When we went to my daughter’s at Christmas, he still found them no bother in a different environment.”


Any other comments?

"We’re both much more energetic than we’ve been for a long time — we’ve never had so much fresh air."

"Alex is so laid back and calm we call him our horizontal champion, but we couldn’t do without him now!"

Maureen, Frank & Oscar

How has Oscar helped since he arrived?

“It has been a life changing experience, Maureen is already responding well to Oscar. Her conversation skills have improved already and she just loves the dog.”


What tasks that Oscar does have you found most useful?

“Fetching the medicine bag twice a day to remind me to give Maureen her pills.”


Any other comments?

“I would like to thank all those involved in this project especially Shirley, Selina and Pat for all their hard work. This is a wonderful project.”

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