Regain confidence,
one step at a time.

Community dogs and their handlers help people with dementia achieve specific goals through a structured program, carried out within their own community.

Working together,
at your own pace.

This pioneering Animal Assisted Therapy supports people with dementia who still live at home and would like to build their confidence and independence. Working as a team with referring Health and Social Care practitioners, we create a personalised short-term plan, structured around clear, meaningful goals – such as building confidence to catch a bus or reconnecting into a local group.  These goals are specifically designed to be carried out in the local community, with our trained community dogs acting as a catalyst for joy, social interaction and motivation.  Watch our video below to see how it works!

How Dementia Community Dog works

I think Billy has worked his magic. Mum is showered, sitting in her chair, and playing scrabble!! This is the best she's been for three weeks.

Enquire about Community Dog sessions

If you live in mainland Scotland and would like to find out more about how this service could support someone you professionally support with dementia, or your personal family member, please submit a referral form below and one of our team will be back in touch.

Communities coming together

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